What's all the hoopla about?

Hip Kids Hula Hoops have been providing Hula Hoop Dance Parties throughout Long Island and the greater New York metro area for over 5 years!  We are the FIRST of our kind in the area and we are still the premiere choice for kids' hula hoop dance parties!    

Jami and Diane, both mothers and professional hoop dance teachers, founded Hip Kids Hula Hoops back in 2011 after they realized their own personal passion for hoop dancing paired perfectly with their love and desire to raise healthy, creative, and confident children. 

In 2010 Diane and Jami both embarked on their own personal journeys of self discovery through hoop dancing at the same time in their adult lives, and it was then that they bonded and became close friends through the process.  

Both moms came with their own specialties and areas of expertise. Jami, a mother of a boy and girl, was a primary school teacher for over a decade and was looking for a new outlet to help provide for her children as well as be home to raise them.  Teaching Hoop Dancing fit the bill! Diane, with a background in health and wellness and also a mother of two, discovered hoop dancing and it instantly became her passion. By attending workshops, hoop retreats and dancing professionally, Jami and Diane have ingrained themselves as an integral part of the hooping community.

With their combined efforts, Jami and Diane birthed Hip Kids Hula Hoops together to share their expertise and knowledge with the local communities of Long Island. Subsequently, they moved further to the burrows of NYC and just outside the metro area in parts of northern NJ and Westchester county.  

They created this party platform in which children can freely express themselves through dance, creative movement and artistic expression with hula hoops! This promotes healthy emotional development by un-inhibiting their spirits so they may shine in a new and dynamic, HOOPtastic way! 

Check out some of our party packages, workshops and our brand new camp offerings to see for yourself what all the buzz is about!!!